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        06 Декабря 2016 - 09:31 



        Azerbaijani bank embraces advanced ATM technology

      Heralding a new stage in its development, the International Bank of Azerbaijan recently introduced En Lazimi Anda — which translates to At the Right Moment — a digital self-service branch banking concept. Opened in the capital city of Baku, this fully automated banking branch showcases capabilities unique not just in Azerbaijan but in the entire Commonwealth of Independent States, an organization that comprises 11 of the 15 former Soviet Republics, ATM MarketPlace reports.

      IBA carried out the project in collaboration with Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos, also known as BS/2, a Lithuanian company and a member of Penki Kontinentai Group. BS/2 specializes in IT outsourcing, software development, banking equipment supplies, system integration and technical maintenance.

      The new digital branch is based on the VTM.iQ hardware and software platform, and includes the Diebold Nixdorf CS 6060 automatic teller safe, customer rich Experience multifunction terminal and software solutions from BS/2.

      Elmir Habibullayev, deputy chairman of the board at IBA, explained the implementation of this new technology in a recent interview.

      Q: What was the reason for implementation of a new digital branch?

      A: In line with modern requirements in the financial sector, we put our efforts towards making the visits to our offices as comfortable as possible for our customers. Today we see fundamental changes in both the appearance and the format of bank offices: They have increasingly more self-service facilities and less personnel.

      We at the International Bank of Azerbaijan want to provide faster services to our customers and improve their quality. Therefore, the selected banking technology must meet the customer's demands in full. The En Lazimi Anda (At the Right Moment) brand is a new IBA concept designed especially for our customers' convenience. The bank will continue developing this concept.

      Q: This type of complex solution is the first one to appear on the CIS banking equipment market. Are there any similar solutions?

      A: At the moment, En Lazimi Anda digital branch is the only such hardware and software platform connected to the processing center and integrated with the banking system, and has no analogues in Azerbaijan and other CIS states. We hope our customers will appreciate its range of features.

      Q: What services will be provided at the digital branch? How does it differ from a regular terminal?

      A: En Lazimi Anda customers can have online video conferences with our personnel and receive support. The customer can complete any banking operation — to open a bank account, to pay utilities bills, to make an urgent money transfer, to take out a loan, etc., just in a few minutes.

      There is a built-in printer and a scanner, so the customer can print an agreement, sign and scan it, and then send it to the bank operator. The device is able to scan paper documents, ID cards, and check the authenticity of ID documents. Also, the customer can order a bank card, immediately receive it, activate it and change its PIN code on the spot.

      Q: What services comprise the En Lazimi Anda range?

      A: The range of En Lazimi Anda services includes a video chat hotline, a mobile application, delivery (including urgent delivery of bank cards to the customer’s address), deposit and credit (refinancing of existing loans on more favorable terms). More En Lazimi Anda details are available on our website and our Facebook page.

      Q: What is the target group for En Lazimi Anda?

      A: Due to the convenience and user-friendliness of the VTM.iQ hardware and software platform, the En Lazimi Anda branch may be targeted at almost any customer interested in modern service channels.

      Q: What are the perspectives for development of such digital branches at IBA?

      A: En Lazimi Anda digital branch is a completely new technology perspective on financial service that makes it possible to completely redefine our principles of work with the customers. This format of complex solutions enables us to optimize and significantly reduce operating costs while maintaining the maximum range of operations.

      This new concept will allow us to extend our service area and become closer to our customers. In the immediate future, we are going to install another En Lazimi Anda branch at our IBA-24 round-the-clock branch.

      Источник: Azeri.Today

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