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    Indian influence on Pakistan's internal issues  
     Analysis by Saeed Mazari 

      12 Мая 2017 - 08:16 


       Saeed Mazari
      expert, Islamabad, specially for Azeri.Today

      Pakistani Military Courts have declared the capital punishment for Indian spy Kalbhushan Yadeve, who was convicted on charges of destabilizing Pakistan. Kabhushan was running a very strong and well managed network to perform different types of terror activities throughout Pakistan and especially in Karachi and Balochistan. Indian agency "RAW ", American CIA, Israeli Musad and Iranian intelligence agencies jointly  were running this Network,  this collation is also surprising and interesting, because apparently this collation is unbelievable but it does exist.  Afghanistan is also a part of this collation but only just a weapon nothing more. Question arises about how  and why all these parallel countries can establish such collation,  apparently these countries are the enemy of each other, here I explain for what and why this collation has been settled. Geography of Pakistan is very amazing, due to its geography Pakistan has so much strategic importance in the world. Also an eye stone for the superpowers, Pakistan is also rich with natural resources as compared to other countries of the region. Many powerful countries have eyes on Pakistan's resources for their future needs.

      Pakistan is very close to Gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia due to the similarity in religious bleive. Hence Iran has very hard tie with Saudi Arabia on the bases of Shi'a-Sunni conflicts, Saudi Arabia has respectable and meaningful place in the Muslim world, for the services of Makkah and Madina  before and during Hajj. Saudi Arabia is working for the Muslim unity, empowerment and stability of the all Sunni Muslim countries of the world. Nowadays Saudi Arabia formed itself as a leader of Islamic world by setting up 42 Islamic countries military alliance. The other side - Iran has also a dream to rule over Muslim world and promote the Shi'ite thoughts in the world. Pakistan is also a strategic, economic and religious partner of KSA, Iran dislikes KSA-Pak friendship and partnership of any kind. Therefore, Iran is showing its anger by supporting anti- Pakistan activists. Pakistan is openly supporting the Palestinian movement against the Israeli brutality and has not accepted Israel as a favorite country. Israel and Pakistan has also religious obligations - Israel has its own anti-Muslim mindset, therefore Israel had supported all anti-Pakistan germs, extremism of Israel against Pakistan and other Muslim countries can observe that the country is always ready to work with its enemies to fulfill its aims against any Muslim country in the world. Israel was on the front in all attacks and wars against the Islamic world, Israel has also been very close to the Unites States of America and India for its strategic and socioeconomic interests. In this way if we forget Pak-China relationships and socioeconomic partnership it will be a bullunder. China has realized the importance of Pakistan's geography, and invested a huge amount on the development of Pakistani infrastructure and economic sectors. CPEC is a new window to not only strengthening the relationships of the both countries but it will also bring a great revolution in the world economy. After completion of this economic corridor (CPEC) China will not remain American dependent to fulfill its oil and economic needs. China will also save its 300 million dollars annual expenditures on oil carriage. China's economic and strategic growth is unacceptable for America, Israel, India and the partners of European Union. Successful completion of CPEC will boost up not only the economy but also the geographic importance of Pakistan, which will directly hit the interests of America and its collaborating countries in the region, especially India.

      Indo-Pak tension and conflict is not a new thing for the readers of this article. Water and border conflicts are the major issues between these two countries, from the first day Pakistan has a strong narrative on humiliation of Kashmiries by the occupant Indian Army.  Pakistan supports the Kashmiris struggle for the right to self-determination under the UN resolution. Pakistan is helping Kashmiris to get the world attention on Indian Army's brutality in occupied Kashmir.

      Pakistan and India have started war on this issue. India attacked Pakistan many times during the last 70 years by its regular armed forces. India played a shameful role in separation of Bangladesh (farmer East Pakistan) in 1971. Pakistan and India are neighbors, and Pakistan had tried to keep peaceful atmosphere in the region but India got it as a weak point of Pakistan. India always used any chance to sabotage Pakistan's solidarity, India is involved in meth exercise against Pakistan and its internal and external interests all times. Pak-China friendship causes fears in India, because India is also at odds with China on the Tibbat conflict. India wants to sabotage the CPEC project at any cost, therefore it is trying to keep busy Pakistan in Balochistan, Karachi and other parts of the country, so that it could distract Pakistan's attention from Kashmir. Collation of all above countries has been established for their own interests. Every participant wants to achieve his goals.

      Due to bad diplomatic strategy all anti-Pakistan and anti-muslim germs have been successfully gathered.

      India had sent so many spy agents to Pakistan by the help of Afghanistan, Iran and some of Pakistani political figures. Unfortunately Indian insurgency in Pakistani politics can't be ruled out. High profile Indian spy agent Kulbhushan Yadev is not only Indian arrested in Pakistan, there is a lengthy list of Indian agents arrested involved in terror activities, Indian high commission's 8 officers and staff members have been found involved in anti-state and terror activities in Pakistan. In the last year of 2016, these persons, namely  Rajesh Kumar Agnihotri, Balbir Singh, Anurag Singh, Amardeep Singh Batti, Dharmedra, Vijaya Kumar Verma, Madhavan Nandi Kumar and Jayabalan Senthil were sent back to India as unwanted persons.

      The story of the Indian secret activities and spy work not stopped here. India sent Kashmir Singh ( caught in 1973 by Pakistani agencies), Ravindra Kaushik(caught in 1983 and sentenced to death punishment in 1985), Sheikh Shamim( arrested in 1989), Sarabjit Singh(1990), and many more who were trained, sent and associated with Indian secret agencies and were working against Pakistani peace, sovereignty, stability with the help of internal anti-state elements of Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly said that they had played a prominent role in East and West Pakistan to make Bangladesh in 1971. Indian Army created unlawful tensions for Pakistan on Line of Control (L. O. C) for a long time. Indian officials, politicians, extremist groups and government itself have admitted many times on different forums that they are sponsoring the Balochistan's activists and separation of Balochistan.

      American and Israeli agencies are providing all financial, intelligence and technical help to India to fulfill it desires, hence Afghanistan, Iran and some other countries are providing help in the access of Indian's agents into Pakistan. Unfortunately, Indian parrots have established deep links with some of high class political figures, in case of any internal issue Indian spy remain protective using the political power of those political personalities. Freedom of Kashmir Singh( Indian) and Ramend Daves(American) is an example in this reference. India also has very deep roots in Pakistani business class.

      According to the situation, it could be said that Pakistan is facing multiple wars in and outside of Pakistan. Only Pakistani army is fighting all anti-Pakistan germs, India had never missed any chance to isolate and destabilize Pakistan but the efforts with the Pakistani army have always failed.

      Источник: Azeri.Today

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