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        04 Августа 2017 - 14:05 



        Armenians carry out illegal excavations in occupied Aghdam

      Illegal archeological excavations are being carried out in Armenian-occupied Aghdam region. Works started from the North wall of the Shahbulag castle, Azeri.Today reports citing AzVision.

      Archeological excavations have revealed a jug that dates back to the 2nd to 3rd centuries. It is believed that the ancient jug has been made at least 300 years before the establishment of Shahbulag castle.

      The archaeological excavations are being led by Vardges Safaryan, the Head of school of History of the “Khankendi State University”. Hamlet Petrosyan is supervised the archaeological expedition.

       Hamlet Petrosyan says that the occupied-Aghdam region is full of ancient discoveries

      Shahbulag palace complex mainly consisted of the residential houses, bazaar, bathhouse and mosque. The palace which was one of the summer residences of Karabakh khans, was built in the years 1751-1752. The Khan’s palace headquarter was in the close vicinity.

      The joint constitution castle is rectangular, and its external walls are reinforced with circular and semi-cylinder towers. The walls are 7-meter high, and the height of the towers is 8.5 meters. The mosque located in the vicinity of the castle consists of a small stone prayer hall and veranda. Shahbulag buildings are supposed to have influenced the Karabakh Khanate’s and especially the capital Shusha City’s architecture.

      After the occupation of the Shahbulag palace complex by Armenians in 1993, the mosque inside the complex, bathhouse, Khan’s palace and several residential houses were demolished. Only the castle walls survived. 

      Источник: Azeri.Today

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