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        05 Августа 2017 - 10:07 



        Almost 25% of Armenian families face problem of domestic violence

      The situation with domestic violence in Armenia is quite depressing, psychologist Gevorg Yeghyan believes, Azeri.Today reports citing Armenian Report.

      "In this regard, the situation in Armenia almost does not differ from the United States. Cases of violence are registered at least once in 22-25% of Armenian families," Eyyan said at a press conference on Friday.

      He stressed that this indicator causes serious concern. According to the psychologist, children suffer most from such incidents.

      "Domestic violence can affect children even before they are born. In addition, violence in the family can affect the child's mental abilities, his emotionality. And then at a more mature age it can cause mental disorders,"Yegyan added.

      He stressed that, unfortunately, the culture of applying for psychological help for children who became victims of family violence has not yet been formed in Armenia.

      The psychologist noted that family violence is mostly associated with a low level of education and is more inherent in disadvantaged families.

      He added that it would be better if a culture of professional resolution of family conflicts formed in Armenian families.

      "I work in Canada. There, public and state organizations cooperate in this area. The attitude to domestic violence in this country is quite categorical, which, in turn, leads to some incidents. If, for example, a woman decides to get rid of her husband, she can only call the police, and he can be behind bars for no reason, "said Yegyan.

      Источник: Azeri.Today

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