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        21 Августа 2017 - 11:23 



        French-Armenian Entrepreneur: Who will dare to open business in Armenia? No one

      Armenia's Tert.am made an interview with the French entrepreneur of Armenian origin Valerie-Ashken Gortsunian.

      Gortsunian was unflattering about the morals reigning in the political, social and business spheres in Armenia, and she also stressed the lack of interest of the Armenian Diaspora in the fate of their historic homeland.

      "I do not see any changes, in the same system of justice we see how politicized everything is. If there is no justice, there is no trust, if there is no trust, there can be no investment in Armenia either. The entire economic system of Armenia is impossible for investment ... If there is no democracy in the country, there is nothing," the business lady said, Azeri.Today reports with reference to Tert.am.

      "We have not heard about any major investment in Armenia," she admits.

      According to the French Armenian, Diaspora representatives "are indifferent to the homeland: it happens that they come to rest in Yerevan for 10-15 days, have fun and return to France or another country, but there is no serious attitude to the Armenian reality". "But there is also a reason for this: since they know what is happening in Armenia, and this is the problem ... Who will dare to open business in Armenia? No one."

      "Our politicians love their pockets, but what do they do for the country? I watched the forest fires in Armenia from afar, and there were no means to extinguish fires in Armenia. They requested an airplane from Russia, and this is so embarrassing... Are we are a state or not?! ", Gortsunian asks in outrage.

      The businesswoman also touched upon the topic of migrant Armenians. "These people tried to fight, but they came under pressure, and they reached the point when they realized that they could change nothing. That is why they flee, they go to France, America, many go to Russia, and this means that the people have absolutely no hopes for the future, and therefore they are running ... " Gortsunian said. She bitterly admits that several years ago she herself became a victim of arbitrariness in Armenia. Because of the pressure of corrupt officials and the absence of an independent judicial system in Armenia, Madame Gortsunian was forced to close her Paris Coffee business and return to France.

      Источник: Azeri.Today

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