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    Azeri.Today's message to readers

      30 Августа 2017 - 13:28 


      Dear readers of Azeri.Today!

      Today we regret to inform you that we are obliged to suspend the operation of our website indefinitely. Throughout this year Azeri.Today managed to win not only the audience, but, most importantly, readers' respect. During this relatively short period of time, more than 1000 exclusive materials, interviews with influential foreign politicians, experts, political scientists, quoted by Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Armenian, American, Pakistani, French and other media were published on Azeri.Today. We managed to attract over 80 foreign experts with articles published both in 'The Tribune of Foreign Experts' and generally on the website. Our analytical materials, as well as the program "Reproaches of History with Rizvan Huseynov" have been very popular.

      But, unfortunately, today we are forced to "freeze" the website due to financial problems. Of course, from the first day of our activity, our website was associated with various officials and governmental structures that allegedly sponsored our activities. We declare with full responsibility that these were just rumors, which were probably taken for serious by some. Nevertheless, the fact remains that during the year the website existed exclusively at the expense of internal funds. Simply put, the editorial staff spent the money accumulated during previous years of work. Server fee, telephone calls (mainly with foreign countries), Internet, journalist's salaries require considerable financial resources. But any funds end, and we are no longer able to support our website financially.

      In order to avoid misunderstandings and another stream of gossip, we especially want to emphasize: there is no political implication in the suspension of the website. No one addressed us with any complaints or interfered in the editorial process within this year. Azeri.Today has really been an independent media. Therefore, we say again - the problem is purely financial. If we manage to find sufficient funding, we will certainly come back for you to enjoy our new materials.

      In conclusion, we want to thank our readers for trusting and supporting us. Many thanks to everyone who has been with us throughout this year! We wanted to be useful to our homeland - Azerbaijan. For us, the country's national interests have always been in the forefront. We hope that our activity has been useful to our country.

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